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Part 1

Kelsey's best friend joins me in a two part interview. Thank you Nichole for being so open about Kelsey and your relationship with her. 

Kelsey Berreth went missing on Nov 22, 2018 in Woodland Park, CO. She was reported missing Dec 2, 2018 by her mom. This started the extensive search for the mother of one.

Kelsey Berreth worked as flight instructor and moved to Woodland Park, Colorado in 2016 for a job with Doss Aviation in Pueblo, Colorado.

Engaged to be married, the relationship between Patrick Frazee and Kelsey Berreth was reportedly falling apart and Kelsey wanted full custody of their daughter.

Frazee’s mistress, Krystal Lee, was asked by Frazee to kill Kelsey but she claims she refused but was convicted of tampering with evidence after she helped Frazee clean up the murder scene at Kelsey's home. Frazee allegedly carried out the action himself and hid Kelsey’s remains. His mistress testified against him and he was convicted of the murder of Kelsey.